Your Pain

I feel your pain
as you seek to overwhelm it all again
within the seeming might of your denial
yet still I stand, alone and unattached
now moving past the madness of your life
for I would live and breathe again
within this love that spans all of infinity

There you sit
within the dark of deep despair
that always must precede
the light of great awakening
clinging desperately to what once was
when all that's ever meant to be
lies in the moment now

and you've only just begun to stretch
to the point where all reality
lightly touches and imbibes
the realms of all infinity
where love abides unscathed
within this awesome
utterance of being

and so we drift and move beyond
the pit of your despair
even as two angels fair
respond to one another
so deep within these cells of flesh
that naught can come between
these dreams of great imagining
that love brings into being

and so, within all consciousness
I break the spells withheld
within the darkness of all other being
and set you free to fly again
at first in reticence and fear
but like the deer that once
was just a fawn
the dawn of all tomorrows
must just be

within this flesh composed
of you and me
once again within a touch
of utter harmony
for I felt your pain
and seek to heal it all. . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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