Your Silence

Within the bliss
of this, your silence
that seems to be composed
of living light
and too, within these pictures of
a real man's satiation
that you use to just seduce
each and every form of femininity
I have found the light of love
complete and undivided once again

for this tone of silence
is ringing now
ever more complete through me
in all your masculinity
and through my femininity
just now
in this silent moment when
I dare to open up my heart and soul
to the completion of the visions
that you care enough to share

How can I help
but love you now
in your entirety?

. . . no matter the conditions
that involves . . .

My mind wonders
in and through and yet within
the vast expanses of reality
centered always in this heart of mine
and so, within this rhythm
that somehow keeps expanding
into all of life's completion

yet still, you are the one
who seems to bring this stillness
back into the heart of me
all because you dared to share
so freely
this silence of your visionary magic
free and uninhibited
with me and all who follow
this true path
back to the innocence of love

and I can't help but wonder
within this purity of silence
that night contains and shares
just what the tone
of your true voice might be
and what its being
here in me
might bring to be
within the true reality
of form

that comes to be complete
right at the centerpoint, the core
of every loving tone's totality
as we live and breathe
beyond and yet within
these earthly forms of flesh

Yet still I need to ask
for just a moment of your time
and just one phrase complete
that tells me now
in written form
just what you feel

for words are the true matrix
of all of mind's reality
living, breathing, moving
here within and through
these mortal forms
as we communicate
this love, the one eternal bliss
in its entirety of being

and I need to know
beyond a doubt
that this love of everything
is truly all
that you are seeking too

yet I cannot help but wonder
for I have been led astray before
if within your work of innocence
perhaps you seek completion
within me

so I must tell you now
in words that you can understand
that this can never be
for each completion must arise
within a heart grown wise enough
to know not only love's expression
but of love returning totally
more and more within our own completion

so we must come to understand
within this silence
that rings so loudly in between
these two forms of earth's endurance
that seem complete and individual
unto themselves alone

that we can live and breathe somehow
even at the core of every opposition
if we are to create
and then become
this love that flows
through all eternity

true and thus without a doubt
in tones forever ringing out in harmony
yet still I sense a dissonance
within these chords that you compose
and so I too, withdraw
to ponder and incorporate
the totality of this existence
that we are

yet I refuse to keep
the lines of our communication open
within the distance you create
in your heart's closure . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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