Youthful Dreams

He lives within the memory of
a dream of adolescent love
reality is seen through lens
of mirrored image that extends

back in time to days of yore
when ideals were real, a time before
the innocence became mistrust
with love no more than passion's lust

before responsibility
became his prison's destiny
Hopes and dreams were laid aside
reality became the tide

of endless repetitious tasks
while passion died behind the mask
and driving force became the code
of lesser action in the mode

of guru that he longed to be
he acts the role of one who's free
yet in his eyes all I can see
is death's potentiality

performing role set on a stage
while sprit wilts within the cage
constructed by denials made
in mind consumed by endless rage

living life built on illusion
of second nature, mind's delusion
as if his life would never end
he twisted truth to now defend

a psychedelic fantasy
the dream of god-like infamy
that kept him on continued high
as if the earth and sun and sky

existed by his act of will
Like hunter who lived for the kill
he searched for those who might succumb
to his control, enchanted hum

of keyboard, as he played the songs
of days when he belonged...

and for a while, I thought I knew
through him, the way to vision true
of youth lost long ago in time...
instead reality is mine

as worn-out youth of bright ideals
loves and rages, cries and feels
the flow of life throughout my being
transcending memory and freeing

heart and mind, the body, soul
as part of new becoming whole...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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